Weight gaining foods

Vegetables to gain weight: potatoes are magic vegetables!

Weight gaining foods
Weight gaining foods

How you prepare foods effectively determines whether you will gain weight or not.
Vegetables are one of the most important food groups in your diet. They not only boost the body energy, but also fuel it with high proportions of vitamins and nutrients, such as fiber, folate, potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These nutrients help the body to gain weight and not get fat. It necessarily helps build strong bones.
Gaining weight rests on gaining more calories.

        First, when it comes to weight gain you need to give primordial importance to almost all kinds of vegetables/nutrients .For instances, foods rich in carbohydrates can give the required stamina as well as the much needed healthy fat. Root vegetables like beetroots, radishes, carrots and potatoes have been proved to be rich in carbohydrates.

        Second, when it comes to iron you could always include leafy and green vegetables in your daily meals such spinach, broccoli and cabbage. You can also eat boiled potatoes, especially sweet potatoes,  with their skins on to boost the iron content in your body.
However, canned potatoes contain more sugar and sodium than fresh potatoes, so they’re higher in calories. Eating a large amount of canned potatoes can lead to possible weight gain because of the greater amount of calories.

         In the same way, some vegetables are higher in calories than others. These vegetables should be eaten in large quantities so as to consume extra calories. Potatoes, corn, squash and sweet potatoes are all starchy vegetables that are more calorie-dense than other vegetables, such as celery or carrots, and should be eaten together to gain weight .

Weight gaining foods

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