How to gain weight without belly fat

How to gain weight without belly fat
How to gain weight without belly fat

How to gain weight without belly fat?
We all agree that gaining weight is not the same as gaining fat. Put simply, Eating junk food can help you gain fat, and unfortunately get sick in most cases. However eating good healthy food can effectively help you gain good weight. The rule is very simple: Eat right, gain weight! So how to gain weight without belly fat?

What is the right food to gain weight without belly fat?
 Don’t worry! This is the right website where you will find the right answers for your questions. I will be talking about the most effective food and drinks helping you to gain weight safely.
      Today, I am going to talk about the importance of eating dry fruits in increasing your weight.
      Dried or dry fruit is a fruit that has been dried, either naturally or artificially by a machine. Examples of dried fruits are Raisins, Prunes, Dates, Apricots, , Figs, and Peaches  . A dried fruit can be used as a good alternate to fresh fruit, which allows out of the season fruits to be available. The high amount of dietary fiber and high energy density present in dry fruits are very effective for weight management.  

      For instance, almond is considered very useful for both mental and physical development of human body. Good quantities of Iron, copper, phosphorus and vitamin B1 in the Almonds help in the creation of new blood cells, hemoglobin and help in proper functioning of vital organs of the body. Among the nuts, almond is the best source of Vitamin E

      Equally important, raisins are nothing but dried grapes which can be of the green and black variety. Raisins particularly are rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin B6 and iron. Raisins are also rich in antioxidant which increases its value for health. The minerals content in raisin is very effective in increasing bone density to obtain strong bones.
 Surprisingly it is good for weight gain just soak raisins overnight and eat on  morning and yes also drink the water in which they were soaked to increase weight.
 People, who are suffering from low iron levels, can benefit from regular intake of raisins. It also helps those who need to gain weight in a healthy manner. Also, dates are preferred for the ones who are suffering from anemia. One of the reasons that probably justifies the health benefits of dates is their highly nutritional value. Dates contain a high percentage of carbohydrate:

  • Total sugars, 44-88%
  • Fat 0.2-0.5%
  • Salts and minerals: selenium, copper, potassium, and magnesium among others [15,19]
  • Protein (2.3-5.6%)
  • Vitamins (B-complex and C) and A high percentage of dietary fiber (6.4-11.5%)

 They are just perfect if soaked in a glassful of drinking water for a day or two and eaten early in the morning after removal of the stones. Raisins are good source of iron and thus, very useful for anemic people. Due to the high content of sugars present in dates, they can be a good source of calories for those needing to gain weight.

      In general, dry fruits help in weight gain and also provide the person with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Did you know now how to gain weight without belly fat?

How to gain weight without belly fat

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