Top 10 advices to gain weight

Top 10
advices to gain weight fast

Top advices to gain weight
Top 10 advices to gain weight
Desire and mental
thinking. You have to trust in yourself; listen to your feelings and be sure
that there  is no something easy non
hard, you can do what others do, only just try and don’t give up you can gain
weight after you  were slim, everything
is possible if you try and be patient.
Doing gym or sport with
using plane time and do not practice wrong exercises that will not help you to
provide you mass builders.
Using compound
exercises can help to gain weight fast. These exercises are those which
stimulate the most muscle fiber and create the biggest growth respond from your
body. These sport exercises are: squats, dead lifts  pull ups ,military press, bench press, bent
over rows 
Do not taking advice
from magazines because their only goal is to earn money and buying goods for
other companies and they aren’t aware abut your body s need.
Do not trust pictures
in magazines because they mightn’t be skinny guys before as you. You as skinny
guy you need a set of ways and steps to gain weight, and these steps are not
the ones these guys in magazines pictures fellow.
Do not spend your money
on buying supplements because most of them are useless and not effective. Some
companies use your intention to gain weight in order to gain money and every
time they create new names for these supplement
if are the same ones that you have already used.
it doesn’t mean that there are no effective supplements that you can
trust for gaining weight fast, just you have to know When and How to take them.
case of taking supplements as way of gaining weight I advise you to take this top
supplement: CB1 weight gainer because it allows you to gain and
maintain your weight gain internally, not like other supplements which only
make you gain weight for couple of days.
  Taking in consideration the muscles building
hormones. There 6 main hormones that has an effective role to gain weight fast.
These hormones can be defined as : Testosterone, Insulin, Glucagon,
Crotisol, Growth  hormones
(Gh) and Insulin like Growth factor 1(IGH1). These
hormones must be manipulated in order to double your opportunity to gain weight
 Do not practice sport exercises more than it
supposed to be. You may think that practicing sport every day and lifting heavy
weights will help you to gain way fast. But this is completely wrong. Doing
sports every day destroy your body s muscles as a result you will not benefit
from these exercises. Moreover, this method will cause you bad healthy results.
best strategy is to practice sport 3 times per week, which means 3 days in a
week, because your body need rest and food that contain higher calories so that
you can elicit a growth response from your body, because you get bigger
when your body repairs that damage muscle tissue. It
responds by repairing the muscle fibers and building them bigger and
than they were before.
the other word, your muscles actually Growth when you resting not at
the time that you were practicing sport. That’s why you need to feed yourself
with enough calories to growth larger and also need to give it time to rest so
it has a chance to repair and grow new muscle tissue. Rest after sport
and food are the main factors that help you to gain weight fast.
You have to eat the exact food that will help to gain weight.
Food it is not measured by its quantity, rather it is measured but its quality
because You may think that eating a huge quantity will help you to build your
muscles and this is false. You need to feed your muscles what they really need
to grow.
eat cakes, hot dogs or cookies because these things make you be fat.
Rather you have to eat kind of protein carbs and fat.
is the best building food that you can eat.
  • The
    best protein sources are
  1. Poltry
  2. Lean red meat
  3. Eggs
  4. Fish/seafood in general
  5. Cottage cheese
  6. Whey protein
  • The
    top carbs sources are
  1. Brown rice
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Potatoes
  4. Yams
  5. Whole grain breads
  6. Beans
  7. Fruits
  • The best Fat sources are:
  1. Flax seed oil
  2. Fish oil
  3. Olive oil
  4. Fish like salmon
  5. Nuts
  6. Avocadoes

10 . N.B  When and
how much you eat is also important as what you eat. That is to say, for
gaining weight fast is better to fellow a certain meal plan.

Top 10 advices to gain weight

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