Top Summer Foods To Gain Weight Fast

Top Summer Foods To Gain Weight Fast
Top Summer Foods To Gain Weight Fast
        We all know that summer is not like printer or winter. In printer and winter people eat too much for keeping warm all the day because it becomes cold and sometimes frozen. In summer people seek for being fresh and active so that they do not eat too much as in winter and printer or they avoid eating typical foods especially the cooked ones. Eating too much in summer makes them feel exhausted and boring because of the hot weather.
 But people who are looking forward to gaining weight, the matter of keeping away from eating too much or avoiding eating the certain food is not suitable for them if they want to reach their goal easily.
In order to be fresh and active like others what this kind of people have to eat or drink for gaining weight? Because they must take 3000 calories per day and sometimes 5000 calories. Maybe this question makes you worry.

            By the way, don’t worry; because the food is not measured by its quantity, rather it is measured by its quality and its ingredients. That is to say, you can only eat few amounts of food but it contains a huge number of calories that your body need per day to gain weight fast so that you can also feel fresh and active like other ones.
There are some kinds of food and drinks which will help you to solve your summer issue with food such as Salad, Juices, Eggs, Fruits, Meat, Nuts, Butter, Whole milk, Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

     The salad is divided into two aspects vegetable salad and fruit salad. Not only these salads are fresh but also they contain higher calories that will accelerate your chance to gain weight fast. You can also add a cup of Yoghurt to the fruit salad so that it can test very delicious beside of being fresh and rich. Vegetable salad is better to be eaten at Lunch whereas fruit salad at Dinner or after it.

      When it becomes hot people choose something cold and fresh. Juices are the most common consumed drinks in summer. But what people don’t know about these juices is that there are two types of them. Juices and drink juices.
          Juices are the ones that you make at home by yourself by mixing fruits with milk such as Avocado juice ect…. These kinds of juices are healthy and they are also very useful for persons who want to gain weight because they contain higher calories also they are nature.
 Remember, for people who want to gain weight, these juices must be taken after the sports exercises (heavy lift, Gym…).

          Drink juices are the ones which are sold in stores or in grosser shops. These kinds of drinks are not healthy because they cause many bad health effects, especially cancer exactly like soda drinks. So that they are not good for anyone, they are unhealthy drinks
There are also vegetable juices and Fruit mixed juices. This later is by mixing 2 or more fruits with milk in one juice. Also, you can add Dates and Nuts (walnut, almonds…) to this juice. Personally, I advise people who seek for gaining weight fast to drink this kind of juice because it contains more than 5000 calories. So by taking one huge cup of juice especially mixed juice is like you eat so many kinds of food at the same time besides it makes you fresh.
       Eggs are also good for gaining weight because it contains essential things for health like proteins, vitamins, and Iron. The health scientists reveal that eating 2 eggs is like eating 250g of red meat. There are too many ways of which you can eat eggs, for example, Omelets, Scrambled eggs and so on. Eggs are good to be taken at Breakfast.

          Raw Fruits considered as the fresh and the rich meals that can help to gain weight fast because they contain Iron and Vitamins. These fruits can be defined as Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Melon, Watermelon, Peach, and ect…. Most of the fruits contain a higher level of calories so that they permit you to gain weight fast and also to be fresh at the same time when it becomes hot.

       Butter, Peanut Butter, and Whole milk are the most common use food in summer because they are another source of proteins and vitamins that your body need to gain weight fast. They are also fresh and easy to be eaten. These foods work effectively when they are taken at Breakfast and Snacks

        Meat is the main source of proteins, there are so many different types of meat like for example Red Meat, Fish meat and Birds meat like chicken. But Red meat and Fish meat especially sardine and salmon are the principle sources of proteins, these meats can be cooked or roasted as well as they guarantee the opportunity of gaining weight fast because they contain higher calories. Lunch time and Dinner time are the preferable time to take these meats.

       Not only chocolate tasted delicious but also it contains higher calories and makes you feel hungry all the time after taken it because it makes your appetite open so that your stomach is going to seek for food. Chocolate especially the dark one is another summer food which will make you feel active or fresh and also will help you to gain weight fast because of its rich ingredients that contain higher calories.
Chocolate is better to be taken after each meal because it makes you feel hungry all the time.

Top Summer Foods To Gain Weight Fast

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